Chamundi Govt. approved 'DIAMOND HOUSE' & GREEN LEAF
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Testimonials - Chamundi Hill Palace

"My friend suggested this place for my 30 days' Ayurvedic treatment. I had a wonderful treatment. Thank you very much for bringing me back to health. Nature with an unpolluted environment, healthy traditional Kerala food and very sincere, friendly staff helped me a lot during the treatment period."
Jennie Pittam, United Kingdom

"This place is amazing! Its location in middle of the forest on the top of a hill is truly breathtaking. I have been totally rejuvenated and had the pleasure of meeting wonderful staff and Dr.Sheela. Their affection and personal care is invaluable. Chamundi Hill is for everyone to come and rejuvenate and be close to nature. I am leaving this place hoping to come back soon."
Vuppu Rajastar,Singapoore

"HEAVEN, WE ARE IN HEAVEN". The famous song was written about this place! A higher power brought us to you and we thank you for every second
Rina and Limor, Israel

"Kerala is indeed "God's own Country" There are so many ways to prove it! Chamundi Hill Palace is yet another way. We received authentic Kerala food, good hospitality, excellent service, and healthy and traditional treatments to make the place more beautiful."
Anjana and Charu, Bombay

"Thank you for your extraordinary hospitality. We felt like we were at home, with a big family to take care of us. And the place is really beautiful: such a relaxing atmosphere in the middle of nature and your kind staff made this stay a unique experience. We hope to come back soon!"
Alberto and Cheryl, Italy

"After the treatment at Chamundi Hill I met with my doctor, who was pretty much speechless. She is tied to her prescription pad and couldn't imagine a depression being brought back to "normalcy" without a ton of medicine. But you did it!
I am sleeping well, eating lots of green leafy vegetables and feeling good. My family is happy with the new me, and so am I. I have not returned to medicine."
Lynne Brotman, U.S.A

Thank you so much for sharing your peaceful,calm and fascinating place with me ! All of you really made me feel at home.And thank you for even sharing a bit of your life with me,for your warm smiles,your patience,your sensible way of listening.I will think at you whenever I will ook and copy your delicious dishes and I will defenately come back for thier real taste.The Kerala ayurveda traditional treatments,the yoga and meditation where the best I ever had and clearly helped me to find my cneter again !
See you soon again at Chamundi Hill Palace.

I had a wonderful stay at Chamundi Hills Palace Ayurvedic Resort.I fell in love with the place from my first day and enjoyed every minute of mystay here.Manager Jibu ,Dr.Sheela and all of the staff here were so friendly and helpful.The ayurveda treatments were excellent ,the organic food and furits is amazing and the atmosphere so relaxing.I really felt like I was at home and look forward to coming again.
Thank you !
Jamaica Corker- USA


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